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EMF/EMR Services

Reduce Your Exposures

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  • Comparative measurements of indoor/outdoor RF(radiofrequency) levels from sources such as cell towers, wifi, cell phones, smart meters, hidden wireless devices, radar, etc.

  • Identify "Hot Spots"

  • Body Voltage testing in main sleeping areas

  • Bed Mapping

  • Location of offending circuits to reduce electric field exposure in sleep and high use daytime areas

  • EMF's from overhead power lines and transformers

  • Stray Voltage

  • Testing for wiring errors

  • Voltage drop

  • Pinpoint areas of detrimental magnetic fields

  • Determine Dirty Electricity levels

  • Recommendations/Mitigation

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The survey includes a detailed custom report based on your unique situation and a free 15-minute follow-up call/e-mail

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